# Why writing matters

By giving essential and concise informations on software, or creating these documentation pages to help wrap your mind around the software stack, writers contributing to BTCPay Server are as important as any other contributor.

If you have writing skills, if you have a fair knowledge of the English language, then you can contribute to BTCPay Server or review the work of other contributors.

Writing contributors can help in a number of places like the software, the documentation or the blog for example.

Important note: Contributions explained in this documentation are meant to be done in English only. If you wish to contribute in other languages, see Translations

# Requirements

In order to contribute to BTCPay Server as a writer there are some requirements.

Since most of the writen done in BTCPay Server is done through Github, you must have a Github account (opens new window). It's also on Github that you can review the work done by others.

To be able to fork repositories, create and work on branches, make Pull Requets and Issues easily, in a word, Manage your contributions, it's recommended your have Github Desktop (opens new window).

It is also recommended to have a Rich-Text editor.

Notepad++ (opens new window) is a decent software and easy to use for the newer contributors.

For more advanced users, Visual Studio Code (VS Code) (opens new window) is a good choice. The Markdown All In One extension in VS Code is also recommended, for visual comfort while editing and the ability to preview Markdown changes.

These are only recommended: If you already use other similar software that you're accustomed to, you are free to continue using them.