# LNbank

A plugin for BTCPay Server (opens new window) to use the internal Lightning node in custodial mode: It allows server admins to open up the Lightning node and give users access via custodial layer 3 wallets. Users can create separate Lightning wallets and use them to send and receive Lightning payments.

# Use cases

  • Allow non-admin users to use the internal Lightning node.
  • "Uncle Jim" mode: Give access to your friends and family.
  • Use individual LNbank wallets for stores and separate the Lightning accounting.
  • Use LNbank wallets individually, without having them tied to a store.
  • Share access to LNbank wallets between multiple users with different access levels.

# Technicalities

  • The LNbank accounts are separated on a database level, not on the layer 2/Lightning implementation level. LNbank wallets can be seen as layer 3 sub-accounts.
  • All LNbank accounts use the internal Lightning node and share the Node ID of that node.
  • Channels and liquidity are managed by the server admin.

# Caveats

Users rely on the server admin as the custodian, be aware of that trust relationship. When using LNbank on a third-party instance whose owner you don't know, mitigate the risks by following this advise:

  • Keep only small amount in the LNbank wallets.
  • Regularly transfer funds to a Lightning node or account owned by yourself.
  • Switch to an own BTCPay Server instance once you start receiving larger payments.

# Features and Compatibility

  • Send to BOLT11 payment requests, as well as LNURL and Lightning Address.
  • LNbank offers a LNDhub-compatible API, wallets are usable with BlueWallet, Zeus and Alby.
  • Use the Greenfield API to create and manage LNbank wallets.

# How to activate and use LNbank

# Server admin

  • LNbank has to be installed and activated by the server admin via the Plugins menu.
  • When activated, LNbank is available to users regardless of the "Allow non-admins to use the internal lightning node in their stores" setting in Server Settings > Policies.
  • Requirements: BTCPay Server v1.6

# User

  • Each user can create an unlimited number of LNbank wallets.
  • Wallet overview: See your balance and list of transactions with details like payment state and fees.
  • Receive: Specify an amount and description, either for your accounting only or also attach it to the payment request.
  • Send: Decode payment requests (BOLT11, LNURL, Lightning Address) and confirm the payment.
  • Settings: See and edit the wallet details and give access to other users via access keys.
  • To remove a LNbank wallet, it must be emptied out first and have no balance left.
  • Connect your LNbank wallet to a store via the store's Lightning node setup page. (see the "Use LNbank wallet" option)

# Support this plugin

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