# Accept Bitcoin in Shopify with BTCPay Server

Introducing BTCPay Server for Shopify – open-source payment gateway that enables you accept bitcoin payments directly on your website or stores from customers with no fee.

Our integration with Shopify allows you connect your self-hosted BTCPay Server with your Shopify store (opens new window), enabling you accept Bitcoin payments swiftly and securely.

# What BTCPay offers:

  • Zero fees: Enjoy a payment gateway with no fees. Yes, You saw that right. Zero fees!
  • Direct payment, No middlemen or KYC: Say goodbye to intermediaries and tedious paperwork, and get your money directly in your wallet
  • Fully automated system: BTCPay takes care of payments, invoice management and refunds automatically.
  • Display Bitcoin QR code at checkout: Enhance customer experience with an easy and secure payment option.
  • Self-hosted infrastructure: Maintain full control over your payment gateway.
  • Lightning Network integrated: Instant, fast and low cost payments and payouts
  • Easy CSV exports
  • Versatile plugin system: Extend functionality according to your needs
  • Point-of-sale integration – Accept payments in your physical shops
  • Multilingual ready: Serve a global audience right out of the box.
  • Community-driven support: Get responsive assistance from our dedicated community (Mattermost (opens new window) or Telegram (opens new window)).

# Prerequisites:

Before diving into the setup process, ensure you have the following:


Shopify might give false flags on deprecated API calls. The most likely answer we could find, due to a change by Shopify to specific fields of the Order resource and is assumed to get used in BTCPay Server. Find more details here (opens new window)

# Setting up BTCPay Server with Shopify

  1. In Shopify, click on Apps > in the left sidebar
  2. On the modal popped up, click on App and sales channel settings
  3. From the page displayed, click on Develop apps button
  4. If prompted, click on Allow custom app development
  5. Create an app and name it, e.g. BTCPay Server
  6. On the app page, in Overview tab, click on the Configure Admin API scopes
  7. In the filter admin access scopes type in Orders
  8. In Orders enable read_orders and write_orders and then click Save
  9. Click on the Install App in the top right corner and when pop-up window appears click Install
  10. Reveal Admin API access token and copy it
  11. In your BTCPay Server, go to your store and on the left sidebar click on Shopify
  12. In the first field, Shop name enter the subdomain of your Shopify store e.g. SOME_ID.myshopify.com then enter SOME_ID
  13. In third field, Admin API access token paste the Admin API access token you just copied from Shopify
  14. In the second field, API key paste the API key from Shopify - which you can find at the bottom of the same page where you copied the Admin API access token
  15. Click Save on BTCPay Shopify settings page
  16. Back on Shopify: On left menu select Checkout scroll down to "Order status page" and paste the HTML <script> code you see in BTCPay Shopify settings into the "Additional scripts" text field.
  17. Click Save and scroll back up to the top
  18. Now click on Payments in the left sidebar, scroll down to "Manual payment methods", click on (+) Manual payment method and select Create custom payment method on the dropdown.
  19. In Custom payment method name fill in Bitcoin with BTCPay Server, optionally you can fill in other fields, but it's not required.
  20. Hit Activate and you've set up Shopify and BTCPay Server successfully.


"Custom Payment method name" must contain at least one of the following words (case-insensitive): bitcoin, btcpayserver, btcpay server or btc to work.

Below are step by step visuals describing the process outlined above.

BTCPay Server shopify step 1
BTCPay Server shopify step 2
BTCPay Server shopify step 3
BTCPay Server shopify step 4
BTCPay Server shopify step 5
BTCPay Server shopify step 6
BTCPay Server shopify step 7
BTCPay Server shopify step 8
BTCPay Server shopify step 9
BTCPay Server shopify step 10
BTCPay Server shopify step 11
BTCPay Server shopify step 12
BTCPay Server shopify step 13
BTCPay Server shopify step 14
BTCPay Server shopify step 14-2

Demo Checkout flow after everything is set up:

BTCPay Server shopify step 15
BTCPay Server shopify step 16
BTCPay Server shopify step 17
BTCPay Server shopify step 18