Integrations FAQ

Last updated 2 months ago

This page covers questions about BTCPay integrations.

Integrations General FAQ

Which integrations are available in BTCPay?

Does BTCPay have a Shopify plugin?

At this time, BTCPay does not have a Shopify integration.

Can I use BTCPay without an integration?

Yes, you can. While various e-commerce CMS use integrations, you can use BTCPay even if you're not a merchant. For more information about use-cases, see this page

WooCommerce FAQ

How to configure order status in WooCommerce?

Order status depends on a merchant's business model. To better understand BTCPay order(invoice) status read this document. There's no generally the best way to configure them without trial and error and seeing what works for your business. See this discussion for more information on order statuses.

How to customize e-mail confirmations in WooCommerce?

If you wish to send an e-mail after a certain status to the customer, you can configure your BTCPay WooCommerce plugin. This is recommended only if you know what you're doing. Follow this community guide.