(4) What's Next?

After you've connected your wallet to your BTCPay, you can explore various built in tools in the software.

Creating the Point of Sale App

BTCPay has a PoS app which you can use to receive payments from your customers directly or to receive donations. To create the POS app, you need to have a store created in BTCPay.

  1. Go to > Apps

  2. Create a new App

  3. Add a name of your app

  4. Customize your PoS by adding your own items with prices, photos, and a description.

  5. Click "Submit query".

  6. Click "View" to preview your PoS (Your customers can access the PoS through that link).

You can change the appearance of your Point of Sale app by following theme customization guide.

Creating the Pay Button

Pay buttons are great when you have a fixed amount for a product or a donation. You can easily embed the button into HTML. When the customer or a visitor clicks on the button, BTCPay displays a checkout page and an invoice for them.

  1. Go to > Store > Settings > Pay Button

  2. Allow anyone to create invoices

  3. Customize your button

  4. Copy the generated form and embed it on your website.

You can also take a look at this video which explains how to create a payment button and embed it to your website.

Connecting your BTCPay store to your e-commerce platform

Depending on the CMS you're using, you can easily connect BTCPay to your online store. Currently, BTCPay offers following integrations :