# Accounting in BTCPay

BTCPay Server offers several tools that make cryptocurrency bookkeeping easier.

# Invoice Export

Invoice exporting in BTCPay Server

To export the invoices, go to Invoices > Export invoices, select the export format (CSV/JSON) and download the file. You can then customize the fields to fit your business needs and import the data into your accounting software, or create pivot tables from the exported data.

The fields are the following:

Field name Description
ReceivedDate Date the payment has been received
StoreId The store receiving the payment
OrderId The order Id of the invoice
InvoiceId The invoice ID
InvoiceCreatedDate Date of creation of the invoice
InvoiceExpirationDate Date of expiration of the invoice
InvoiceMonitoringDate Date your BTCPay Server ceases to monitor events of the invoice
PaymentId Unique identifier of a payment
Destination The destination address the customer paid to
PaymentType The type of payment (OnChain, Offchain)
CryptoCode Currency code of the method of payment (e.g. BTC)
Paid Amount paid in the currency defined in CryptoCode
NetworkFee Network fee paid by the user in this payment
ConversionRate The conversion rate at the time of invoice creation between CryptoCode and InvoiceCurrency
PaidCurrency Amount paid, denominated in InvoiceCurrency
InvoiceCurrency The currency code of the invoice (e.g. USD)
InvoiceDue The amount still due to fully pay the invoice after this payment (minus NetworkFee, denominated in InvoiceCurrency)
InvoicePrice The total price of the invoice (minus Network Fee, denominated in InvoiceCurrency)
InvoiceItemCode The item code afferent to the products/services billed by the invoice
InvoiceItemDesc The item description afferent to the products/services billed by the invoice
InvoiceFullStatus The full status of the invoice (e.g. expired (paidPartial))
InvoiceStatus The simplified status of the invoice (e.g. expired)
InvoiceException The status of the invoice (e.g. paidPartial)
BuyerEmail The payer's email.

# QuickBooks Online Connector for BTCPay Server

BTCQBO is a third-party plugin that enables QuickBooks Online users to connect their BTCPay server easily. Besides bookkeeping, users can quickly generate invoices from their QuickBooks. For more information about the BTCQBO and all the features it offers, check the plugin repository (opens new window) or watch the video below.