Try it Out

This section goes through the process of creating an account and store on our public BTCPay server. (For evaluation purpose)

You can take a look at our video:

BTCPay - Introduction

Create your first invoice

First let's create a new store:

Let's create a testnet wallet for your store:

  1. Download Electrum

  2. Run Electrum with parameter --testnet

  3. Open Electrum Desktop. At the top of the screen, click “Wallet” and then “Information”. Copy the whole string starting by tpub...

Let's configure the store so it uses your electrum wallet:

  1. Go to the setting page of your store in BTCPay

  2. In the Information Menu, paste the ExtPubKey with the string you just copied from Electrum, validate.

Then you can create an invoice, either by the process documented on the Custom integration page, through plugins or through the website on the Invoice menu.

BTCPay Demo

To see BTCPay in action, visit our demo apps and stores or check out some of the stores using BTCPay in production.