# Try it out

This section goes through the process of creating an account and store on our public BTCPay server. (For evaluation purpose)

You can also follow along in this video:

# Create your first invoice

For an in production setup, skip to Mainnet

# Testnet

First let's create a new store:

  1. Go to the Testnet website (opens new window)
  2. On the right side click on Create an account to create an account (opens new window) or Sign In if you already have an account.
  3. After having signed in, go to Stores and create a new store (opens new window)

Let's use Electrum to create a testnet wallet for your store:

  1. Download Electrum (opens new window)
  2. Run Electrum with parameter --testnet (i.e. on Mac OS using open -a Electrum.app --args --testnet)
  3. Click through the wizard and create a test wallet, using the default settings Electrum proposes
  4. After the wallet is set up, go to "Wallet" > "Information" in the Electrum menu.
  5. Copy the "Master Public Key" string (starting by *pub...)

Let's configure the store so it uses your Electrum wallet:

  1. Go to the Settings page of your store in BTCPay
  2. On the "General Settings" page you will find the "Wallet" section - click the "Setup" button for configuring an on-chain wallet.
  3. Paste the "Master Public Key" copied from Electrum into the "Derivation Scheme" text field and click "Continue"
  4. Confirm the addresses by clicking on "Receive" in Electrum: The "Receiving address" should match the first address shown in BTCPay
  5. After that your test wallet should appear on the Wallets page (opens new window) of your BTCPay account

Then you can create an invoice, either through

# Mainnet

First choose where to setup your store. Either:

  • Host your store on someone else's BTCPay Server. You can find a list of third-party hosts here.
  • Or deploy your own.

Click on the following links for detailed instructions on how to Register an account, Create your first store and Connect your own wallet

Then you can create an invoice, either through

See the What's Next page for other options on how to continue exploring BTCPay.

# BTCPay Server Demo

To see BTCPay Server in action, visit our demo apps and stores or check out some of the stores using BTCPay Server in production.