# Try out BTCPay server

Before you start using BTCPay Server in production, you can try it and see if it fits your needs.

On this page you will see various ways to test out the software on mainnet and testnet.

# Our mainnet demo server

We host our server on mainnet.demo.btcpayserver.org (opens new window).

Feel free to register to it, create a store and a wallet and play around.

This instance should only be used for testing things out. We do not guarantee uptime.

# Our Testnet demo server

If you're familiar with testnet and want to test BTCPay through it, check testnet.demo.btcpayserver.org (opens new window).

For more information see testnet documentation.

# Third-party hosts

Third-party hosts provide hosted solutions, in most cases free of charge, in case you don't want to self-host a server.

While most of them can be used in-production, you can also use them to try things out. They're similar to our demo server, but provide better uptime and reliability.

For full lists of third-party hosts to pick from, see our hosts directory (opens new window).

# Start testing

Once you pick up a server to use, the steps are the same, regardless of which option you've opted for.

Click on the following links for detailed instructions on how to:

# BTCPay Server in action

Below, you will find options to see the BTCPay server in action. Through our own POS on our demo or through the eyes of actual merchants in the wild!

# Questions

If you have questions about BTCPay Server, check our documentation, Frequently asked questions page.

Join the community chat (opens new window) on Mattermost by downloading Mattermost app (opens new window), or on Telegram (opens new window) in case you need further help or help or want to hang around with like-minded people.