# BTCPay Server NIP05 Support

This plugin allows your BTCPay Server to support the Nostr (opens new window) NIP05 protocol (opens new window) to verify accounts.

# Usage

  • Install the plugin

  • On a store you have owner access to, click on the new "NIP05" side navigation menu item

  • Specify a name and public key. NOTE: You will not be able to select the same name across different stores. The public key is in hex format and not npub...

  • Optionally include a set of relays that you primarily use so that client can discover your events more easily.

  • Alternatively, you can import this data by using one of the Nostr browser extensions such as Alby or Nos2x

Your NIP5 handle will be name@yourbtcpayserver.domain. If you have multiple domains mapped to the same btcpayserver, they will all be valid.