# Trocador

A plugin for BTCPay Server for users to pay invoices at checkout using a different cryptocurrency. Trocador is an exchange aggregator that offers excellent rates to users while providing them strong privacy.

# Use Cases and Features

  • Allow customers to pay with whichever asset they prefer.
  • Settle these purchases in your wallet of choice (Bitcoin, Monero, etc).
  • Choose a custom plugin name that is displayed to the user (default is "Altcoins Trocador").
  • Choose a default payment currency that is shown to the user (eg: Ethereum), and the user can choose a different one.
  • Optionally show Trocador to the customer first in the invoice by default.
  • Optionally provide a referral code to earn a portion of the volume.

# Caveats

We recommend setting the invoice expiry timer to at least 120 minutes. This can be done by clicking on "Settings", and then editing the value in General for "Invoice expires if the full amount has not been paid after …" to 120 or larger. Most exchanges complete in about 10 minutes but the slowest may take up to a day, depending on network congestion and/or exchange delays.

We recommend not selecting lightning network as the default wallet to receive payments from Trocador, as this may worsen conversion rates and reduce the number of coins accepted.

# Compatibility

We recommend only enabling one checkout plugin (eg: only enabling Trocador, not also enabling SideShift and/or FixedFloat).

# How to activate

In the server dashboard, click on "Manage Plugins", then click the "Install" button after Trocador.