# Dashboard


Balance graph and recent transaction are currently only available for an on-chain payment method. Information about Lightning network balances and transactions is on to-do.

BTCPay Server version 1.5.0 introduced a new dashboard concept that features several tiles that will help with the initial setup, better understand the store's data and manage refunds and payouts with ease.

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# Dashboard tiles

There are five main sections to the Dashboard.

# Wallet Balance

This is the current store Wallet balance. The view shows a balance graph by week, month, or a year.

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# Transaction activity

Quickly manage pending payouts, view recent transactions, and overview outstanding refunds

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# Recent Transactions

Showcasing the five most recent transactions that arrived to your on-chain wallet.

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# Recent invoices

The five most recent invoices are shown with their corresponding status and value allowing you to quickly access and manage a particular invoice.

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# Current active crowdfund

This tile shows the current active crowdfunds, including their top-ranked items/perks. When more than one crowdfunding app is active crowdfund is, the tiles will show below the initial one. That's an easy way to manage your active crowdfund campaigns and see all the perks and how they're performing.

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This page is subject to change as the software progresses. Features will be updated by release.