Besides using an existing wallet you can create a brand-new wallet within your BTCPay Server.


If you are using a third-party host, this option needs to be explicitly enabled by the server admin. Generating a new wallet in an environment you are not sure is trustworthy, is discouraged.

# How to create a new wallet

  1. Go to your BTCPay Server’s Store > Settings > Wallet > Click Setup
  1. Click Import from a new/existing seed > Press Generate

Feel free to select the address format that you prefer. Do not enable a hot wallet, unless you've read the Hot wallet documentation and have the use-case for this advanced feature.

If you did not provide an existing seed, a seed will be generated and shown to you. The public key will automatically be imported in the store and configured to an appropriate format. If you provided an existing seed, a list of preview addresses will be shown. Validate that they are the same as the one on your wallet and Save.


Anyone with access to your recovery seed can also access and steal all your funds. Securely back up your seed by writing it down and keep it in a safe place. Do not photograph it or store it in a digital format. When creating a wallet, the recovery seed will be shown only once and wiped from the server. If you loose your recovery seed, you'll lose the access to all of your funds.