# Support

This project is open source, and is not a company. Instead we rely on a network of contributors and users to provide support.

# Free support

Problem? Don't worry, someone else has probably been through that before you.

Getting a proper support also depends on how you formulate your questions. Read our troubleshooting guidelines.

Here are some members of the community that you can contact to get additional paid support:

# d11n

I can help with the initial setup of your BTCPay Server instance and integrating it with WooCommerce. I can also help with design customizations and client applications building on the BTCPay Server API.

Contact: mail@d11n.net, @d11n on Mattermost (opens new window), Twitter (opens new window)

# Esky33

BTCPayServer local or cloud installation (Lunanode/other VPS). I can help with the initial setup/deployment,

Contact: support@btcpayjungle.com - @Esky33 on Mattermost (opens new window) - Twitter (opens new window)

# Xoxoxo

I help with building your payments infrastructure, modifying and adapting the payment server to reflect your brand and integrate aspects of your services directly into your server. I also help organisations add their own currencies, or implement alternative currencies. I do security and infrastructure audits and provide DevOps related services.

Contact: xoxoxo@librty.tools, @xoxoxo on Mattermost (opens new window), Librty Tools (opens new window), Librty Chat (opens new window), Contact me (opens new window), follow Librty Tools (opens new window), and Uncovr (opens new window).

# Hubik Tomas

I can help with initial setup/deployment (currently with Azure, but I am planning to play with non-Azure as well) and integration with PrestaShop. I was also playing with design customization of the payment window, scripting of exchange rates etc.

Contact: hubik.tomas@gmail.com

# Norman Moore

BTCPayServer local or cloud installation (Azure/other VPS). Can also help with WooCommerce Plugin configuration and BTCPayServer Store/App creation.

Contact: support@lightninginabox.co, Web (opens new window)

# Wouter Samaey / Storefront.be

I can help you integrate BTCPayServer with Magento 1, 2 or OpenMage and most other PHP-based eCommerce backends + API development and automation + BTCPay Server setup & Linux server management.

Contact: wouter.samaey@storefront.be - Website (opens new window) - Twitter (opens new window)