# Support

This project is open source, and is not a company. Instead we rely on a network of contributors and users to provide support.

# Free support

Problem? Don't worry, someone else has probably been through that before you.

Getting a proper support also depends on how you formulate your questions. Read our troubleshooting guidelines.

Here are some members of the community that you can contact to get additional paid support:

# Andrew Camilleri(Kukks)

I can assist with your BTCPay requirements around development. I develop features of any scope to BTCPay and can assist with integration and custom development. Some of the features I can help with are: New Coins, New Apis, Client Libraries, Client Library Integrations (such as the woocommerce plugin), Custom Apps, Docker Functionality etc.

Contact: evilkukka@gmail.com, @Kukks on Mattermost (opens new window), Twitter (opens new window), LinkedIn (opens new window)

# Esky33

BTCPayServer local or cloud installation (Lunanode/other VPS). I can help with the initial setup/deployment,

Contact: support@btcpayjungle.com - @Esky33 on Mattermost (opens new window) - Twitter (opens new window)

# Hubik Tomas

I can help with initial setup/deployment (currently with Azure, but I am planning to play with non-Azure as wll) and integration with PrestaShop. I was also playing with design customization of the payment window, scripting of exchange rates etc.

Contact: hubik.tomas@gmail.com

# Norman Moore

BTCPayServer local or cloud installation (Azure/other VPS). Can also help with WooCommerce Plugin configuration and BTCPayServer Store/App creation.

Contact: support@lightninginabox.co, Web (opens new window)

# Spas Vutov

I can assist with initial configuration for BTCPay to work with Bitcoin Gold (BTG, also referred as BGold), Bitcoin Gold LND and any docker, no-docker setup for BTCPay with Bitcoin Gold. I would accept tips if the work done was useful, but definitely not mandatory for anyone to pay me for any help.

Contact: VutovSpas@gmail.com, Mattermost (opens new window), BTG Discord (opens new window) - on both @Spas