# PodServer

A plugin for BTCPay Server (opens new window) to self-host your podcast and start Podcasting 2.0 like a pro.

# Use cases

  • Self-host your podcast and earn sats via the Podcasting 2.0 features.
  • Enjoy censorship resistance because you are in control of the feed and files.

# Technicalities

  • In order to use PodServer, a file storage must be configured.

# Features and Compatibility

  • Podcasting 2.0 tags: Value (podcast and episode level), Person, Season.
  • Import existing feeds.

# Notes

  • PodServer adds itself to the value splits with a value of 1. This is to incentivice further development of the plugin. In the future this setting might become configurable, so that users can decide what split to allocate to PodServer on a value for value basis.

# How to activate and use PodServer

# Server admin

  • PodServer has to be installed and activated by the server admin via the Plugins menu.
  • When activated, PodServer is available to all users of the BTCPay Server instance.
  • Requirements: BTCPay Server v1.6

# User

  • Each user can create an unlimited number of podcasts.

# Support this plugin

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