# Refunds


If you are looking for information about requesting a refund from a merchant, please refer to this FAQ

Refunds are one of the applications built on top of the Pull Payments feature.

Up until now, merchants had to manually issue refunds. The process required a lot of back and forth between a sender and a receiver. The merchant had to ask for a refund address, calculate the preferred rate, manually add that to the wallet and broadcast the transaction.

A merchant just needs to go to the invoice, click Issue refund , select the appropriate rate and share a link with a customer.

The customer will then input their address and claim a refund. Once a customer claims a refund, the merchant will get a notification and can authorize it in a click. Future versions of BTCPay Server will enable instant payouts as an option, without the need for merchant approval.

# Create a refund

  1. After an invoice has been confirmed, go in the Invoices page and click Details on the invoice.
BTCPay Server refund feature
  1. Click Issue a refund
BTCPay Server refund feature
  1. Select the way you want to issue the refund
BTCPay Server refund feature
  1. Share the pull payment link with the customer
BTCPay Server refund feature