Google Cloud Deployment

This setup is similar to the Docker Deployment, except that the docker-compose is hosted by Google Cloud.

Google Cloud shell setup

Google Cloud is alternative way to set up BTCPayServer.

Start by clicking the following button:

Open in Cloud Shell

You can log into Google Cloud Console with your Google account.

Final installation steps:

  • On Google cloud shell, Set the default project and zone where to deploy instance

  • Change yaml file to configure VM instance and BTCPay server: GCE and BTCPay Config

  • Change mode 755 for shell scripts and run ' \' to start depolyment

  • (Wait for Google Cloud deployment for a minute)

  • A static IP is shown on the Google cloud shell

  • Go to your DNS service and map it with your domain name, say

  • ssh to the vm from Google cloud console's VM instances list

  • on ssh, Go to /btcpayserver-docker directry and run ''

  • Access to by browser

  • Click 'Register' and create an account - This will be your admin account!

  • Done! Visit to create your store and begin invoicing.

For advanced users, you can connect via SSH with the information on, and:

  • Run docker ps and docker logs xxx to view running processes

  • Run and to stop and start the BTCPayServer

Approximate Cost : 70 USD per month

Learn more: btcpayserver/btcpayserver-googlecloud

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