This project is open source, and is not a company. Instead we rely on a network of contributors and users to provide support.

Free support

Problem? Don't worry, someone else has probably been through that before you.

Getting a proper support also depends on how you formulate your questions. Read our troubleshooting guidelines.

Paid support

Here are some members of the community that you can contact to get additional paid support:

Andrew Camilleri(Kukks)

I can assist with your BTCPay requirements end-to-end. I develop features of any scope to BTCPay and can assist with integration and deployments. Some of the features I can help with are: New Coins, New Apis, Client Libraries, Client Library Integrations (such as the woocommerce plugin), Custom Apps, Docker Functionality etc.

Contact:, @Kukks on Mattermost, Twitter, LinkedIn

Hubik Tomas

I can help with initial setup/deployment (currently with Azure, but I am planning to play with non-Azure as wll) and integration with PrestaShop. I was also playing with design customization of the payment window, scripting of exchange rates etc.


Norman Moore

BTCPayServer local or cloud installation (Azure/other VPS). Can also help with WooCommerce Plugin configuration and BTCPayServer Store/App creation.

Contact:, Web

Spas Vutov

I can assist with initial configuration for BTCPay to work with Bitcoin Gold (BTG, also referred as BGold), Bitcoin Gold LND and any docker, no-docker setup for BTCPay with Bitcoin Gold. I would accept tips if the work done was useful, but definitely not mandatory for anyone to pay me for any help.

Contact:, Mattermost, BTG Discord - on both @Spas