# Contributing to BTCPay Server in other ways

# Create Videos & Graphics

Making videos that promote some features or that show how BTCPay Server works is a great way to help. Video tutorials also help new users navigate around what BTCPay Server can offer them.

You can see examples of videos that are already on the Official BTCPay Server YouTube channel (opens new window) for inspiration.

# Hosting Providers

The BTCPay Server community is looking for more VPS hosting providers to implement 1-Click BTCPay Server deployment and make the deployment of software more accessible, decentralized and widely-available.

# Contribute to the Directory

The Directory has been created to showcase the possibilities of BTCPay Server for merchant checkouts, donations, fundraisers, or any other use-case users come up with.

It contains a non-exhaustive list of websites that use the software.

Anyone can add a person or an organisation (opens new window) to the Directory (opens new window). If you know how to use Github, you can directly create a Pull Request and add an entry by editing the .vuepress/list.js file.

Please note that only websites that use BTCPay Server are accepted in the Directory and entries are expected to be in English language.

# Project Discussions

Check out the BTCPay Discussions Page (opens new window) and provide feedback on new feature ideas and other project topics. Features that may be good ideas for the project but aren't ready for development yet, can be found here.

# Community

You can help BTCPay Server even if you're not a developer.

The easiest way is to use the software as a business or individual, provide feedback and report any bugs or issues (opens new window) you or your customers encounter. Another great way is to join the community and help others troubleshoot by sharing information you may have from your experience using BTCPay Server.

Consider helping newcomers like the community helped you.

# Spreading the word

You like BTCPay Server, what it stands for and what it offers? Spread the word! It's the easiest way to contribute and help the community.