# Contribute to the software stack


If you have trouble finding a string or contributing to the software stack, ask the community

If your textual change is significant open an issue on GitHub (opens new window) and explain what you'd like to change and why.

# Step 1

Fork/Clone the main repository (BTCPay Server (opens new window)) using Github and publish it.


# Step 2

Create a branch and name it (for example what file you're working on).


# Step 3

Now open your branch in your file explorer.


You're all set! Open the file you wish to edit and work on it. Once finished, save it.

# Step 4

Once your changes are saved, return to Github Desktop. See your changes on the right hand side.

Name your contribution and describe it. Click the Commit button in the bottom left.


# Step 5

Next, create a Pull Request by clicking the Create Pull Request button on the right to open a browser page.


Then describe what your Pull Request changes, give it a title, and click Create Pull Request.


Once your pull request is submitted, it has to be reviewed by the maintainers and contributors. If it gets accepted - congratulations, you've made your first contribution.