# How to add an Altcoin

Bitcoin is the only focus of the project and its core developers. However, opt-in integrations are available for several altcoins.

For more information and the full list of integrated altcoins, check the Altcoin FAQ page.

# How can I add an altcoin to BTCPayServer?

The steps for having a coin added are:

  1. Add support for your crypto to NBitcoin (opens new window), NBxplorer (opens new window), and BTCPayServer (opens new window). (Use examples from other coins)
  2. Create your own docker image (Example for BTC (opens new window))
  3. Create a docker-compose fragment (Example for BTC (opens new window))
  4. Add your CryptoDefinition (Example for BTC (opens new window))

When testing your coin, DO NOT USE build.sh, since it uses a pre-built docker image.

Instead, install .NET 8.0 SDK (opens new window) and run:

cd docker-compose-generator/src
dotnet run

This will generate your docker-compose in the Generated folder, which you can then run and test.

Note: BTCPay developers do not implement alternative coins on request. Adding a new coin explicitly depends on the community and developers of those coins. Furthermore, BTCPay developers do not spend excessive time testing nor maintaining the altcoins. If you're submitting a PR for a new coin, make sure that your image works. If the altcoin integration is not actively maintained it will be removed from BTCPay.