# Hardware As A Service

Multiple entities or companies in the Bitcoin space provide preinstalled hardware that include BTCPay Server. Installed for example on Raspberry Pi or Rock64 devices, the BTCPay Server instance sits besides other software stacks.

This Hardware As A Service can be free or paid, and is mostly open-sourced for peer-review.

They are suitable for technical users to speed up the installation and initial syncing process. Less-technical users will find the 1-click or plug-and-play systems of these services incredibly practical.

Please note:

Hardware-as-a-Service products consist of multiple softwares tied together. The BTCPay Server community has no knowledge of how BTCPay Server integrates into these services, and cannot provide any support for these types of Manual Deployments. Please report bugs and issues directly to the entity that provided you with BTCPay Server inside their product.

Here you can find a non-exhaustive list of companies that provide such a service:

Do you provide Hardware As A Service and are not listed here? Open an issue to get added to this list (opens new window)