# Introduction to Web Deployments

We will take you through possible Web Deployments on this page and update the list as more providers offer BTCPay Server as a service. But what is a Web deployment? In short, a third-party hosted environment.

What do they do? They offer you the user, storage space, and compute power. And in particular, for this page, they offer hosted Bitcoin nodes.

Now you don't have to buy, host and maintain your own hardware. The service provider takes care of this. This comes with the risk factor of trusting someone to host your bitcoin node and BTCPay Server on top of that. Every hoster comes with its own pros and cons. One might be cheaper, and the other maybe has better support levels. However, we will guide you through the ones we've listed and offer BTCPay Server solutions.

Below you will find a short introduction to each service and a detailed guide on each of them.

# Known web deployments

# LunaNode web-wizard

LunaNode (opens new window) is a Canadian-based hosting provider that accepts Bitcoin payments and requires no personal identification except for a phone number verification.

Their web wizard is one of the easiest ways to deploy BTCPay Servers from a very user-friendly interface. LunaNode will provide you with a generic domain for your server to get you started.

For more details on LunaNode click here

# Voltage Cloud

Voltage (opens new window) is an infrastructure provider for Bitcoin. By focusing on Bitcoin exclusively, they can offer quality services to their clients. Automatically connect your Voltage Lightning node.

For more details on Voltage Cloud click here

# Clovyr

Clovyr (opens new window) is an application deployment service. They allow deploying services, including BTCPay Server, either to their own servers, or to a variety of other VPS providers, such as Digital Ocean, AWS, and Linode. For more details on Clovyr click here

# Elestio

Elestio (opens new window) is a fully managed DevOps platform to deploy your code and open-source software. They allow you to choose the cloud service provider of your choice such as Digital Ocean, AWS, Linode and many others. Elestio takes care of the migrations, backups, version changes and security to help you deploy your BTCPay Server easily.

For more details on Elestio click here (opens new window)

# Missing deployments?

As we are a FOSS project, we might miss certain deployments. Found a deployment that is missing, and do you want it added or notified us? Join the community chat (opens new window) on Mattermost by downloading Mattermost app (opens new window), or on Telegram (opens new window) and tell us about it. You can also create an issue in the BTCPay server Documents on Github (opens new window).