# Tallycoin Connect

Set up Tallycoin Connect (opens new window) on your BTCPay Server instance to allow for the retrieval of Lightning invoices via Tallycoin (opens new window). LND required.

# Installation

To install the Tallycoin Connect service, you need to set your Tallycoin API key and a password first. The password is optional, but as the service will be publicly available, you are strongly advised to require a secure password for the login.

You can either set TALLYCOIN_PASSWD_CLEARTEXT (plain text) or TALLYCOIN_PASSWD, which must be a sha256 hash of your login password.

# Set API key and password
export TALLYCOIN_APIKEY="my-tallycoin-api-key"

# Add fragment and run setup
. btcpay-setup.sh -i

Afterwards you should see Tallycoin Connect appear as a service on the Server Settings > Services page in BTCPay Server.

# Troubleshooting

To see the logs of the Tallycoin Connect service, you can run this command:

docker logs -f generated_tallycoin_connect_1