# Connecting Ledger Wallet to BTCPay Server

This document shows how to connect Ledger Nano S Wallet to BTCPay Server.


Direct Ledger Nano S integration is no longer supported. For Bitcoin wallets, you can use your Ledger hardware wallet regularly via the new hardware wallet integration.

For altcoin wallets, you can spend funds from your external wallet, sign a transaction within the internal wallet with HD Private Key or mnemonic seed or a hot wallet.

To set up a new altcoin wallet, add the xpub key manually or create a new wallet.

# Ledger Nano S Wallet Setup

This guide assumes, you have a Nano S wallet set up. To configure the Nano S, please see the quick setup guide on manufacturer's website.

# Requirements

  1. Bitcoin App installed on the Ledger
  2. Google Chrome or Firefox
  3. For Firefox, U2F needs to be enabled in about:config
  4. No other U2F devices plugged in into your PC (Yubikey, other wallets, etc)

# Quick Setup

  1. Plug in Ledger Nano S into your PC.
  2. Open the Bitcoin app on your Ledger.
  3. In BTCPay Server, Store Settings > General > Derivation Scheme > Import from Hardware Device > Ledger wallet
  4. Select the account which you want to use, in most cases it's the Account 0
  5. Confirm the Export public key on the wallet.
  6. The xpubkey will now automatically be added from Ledger to your BTCPay Server Store.
  7. Make sure that the derivation scheme is Enabled
  8. Click Continue
  9. Confirm the address match in BTCPay.

Your Ledger wallet is now connected to your BTCPay. Payments go directly to Ledger.

# Manual Setup

If you have more than 20 accounts in your Ledger you might not be able to find the correct account because the select shows a maximum of 20 entries. In this case you can manually find the xpub for your wanted account in these steps:

  1. Open the Ledger live app
  2. Accounts -> choose your account
  3. Edit Account on the top right via the tool-icon
  4. In Edit Account -> ADVANCED LOGS
  5. Copy the xpub string
  6. Paste it manually into the "DerivationScheme" textfield
  7. Continue with Step 7 of the Quick Setup above
Ledger Account "Adavanced Logs" info screenshot

# Spending from BTCPay Server wallet with Ledger

Once there are some funds in received to your BTCPay Wallet connected to Ledger, you can spend them by signing a transaction with your hardware wallet. This allows easy interaction of the Ledger wallet with your full node, without leaking information to third-party servers.

  1. Plug in Ledger Nano S into your PC.
  2. Open the Bitcoin app on your Ledger.
  3. In BTCPay, go to Wallets > Manage > Send
  4. Fill in destination address and the amount
  5. Click on the Sign with your Ledger Wallet device.
  6. BTCPay will establish a connection with the Ledger wallet and display transaction information on the wallet screen.
  7. Confirm the transaction on the Ledger.
  8. In Ledger, click on the Ready To Sign
  9. Review your transactions and click Broadcast to broadcast it on the network.

The video below shows how to connect your BTCPay store to your Ledger and how to use Ledger with the internal BTCPay wallet.